Ed Geroux | Henley Honda | Lot Manager

Ed Geroux

Lot Manager

Henley Honda




Dealership: Henley Honda

Family? Mom, Dad, 2 brothers, 2 sisters

Kids? A son and a daughter

Hobbies: Making one-of-a-kind model vintage stock cars, playing hockey, cycling

Most Passionate About / Goals? I’m most passionate about living my life without regrets, appreciating what I have and being happy. My goals are to have a great quality of life and never losing my dream house.

Three Things I Am Most Thankful For? My family, Jen Kedwell, my dogs – Nassau & Paniolo, and having my dream home.

Most Influential Person in My Life? 

Four things my friends say about me are: Loyal, smart, positive, generous

Best life skills: Communication, great listener, integrity, being supportive

Most Important Qualities in a Vehicle? Dependability, safety, looks.

Other than appearance, what is the first thing people notice about me:  My sense of humour!

What is the one thing that people don’t notice about me that I wish they would?  That I am the most honest person they will ever meet.

How do I spend my leisure time typically? Playing hockey, cycling, some golf, working around the house or in my workshop, travelling with Jen, reading, enjoying my dogs, and visiting family.

Things I Can’t Live Without? Dogs, Jen Kedwell, family, space of my own, dogs.

The last book I read and enjoyed was: I read 2-3 books per week during Fall/Winter/Spring and a few in the Summer. I don’t remember the last one – it was probably a spy novel or mystery.

Something only my best friends know about me: That I am the most honest person they will ever know.

Additional information I’d like potential matches to know: I have extreme integrity and put zero pressure on you to buy. I always under-promise and over-deliver and will never make a promise I don’t keep.

If I were to get a tattoo it would be: Someone would have to drug me and hold me down first, but I’d get the NASCAR logo around my left bicep.

Favourite Food: Steak / Caesar Salad / Baked Potato / Garlic Bread

Salty or Sweet: SWEET – Chocolate. Anything chocolate. Did I mention chocolate?

My most embarrassing moment:  I honestly can’t remember! I don’t embarrass easily.

Bucket list travel location:  Australia / New Zealand

Astrological Sign: Pisces

My lucky number and its significance: I don’t have one!

iPhone or Android? Android – I don’t have a reason. It’s a tool and to be honest, I don’t know the difference.

Famous Person I most identify with:  Martin luther King and anyone else who would fight to end helplessness above all else.

Favourite Albums:  I’m not really an album guy – more of a song guy:

Kashmir / Carouselambra – Led Zeppelin

Do You Feel Like I Do? – Peter Frampton

All We Are – Kim Mitchel

The Dance – Vince Gill

Mother, Father / Separate Ways – Journey

Anything by Josh Groban or Pink Floyd

Favourite TV Shows: US College Football, NASCAR, Golf Majors, the Tour de France

Favourite Movies:  SSnow White & the Seven Dwarves, Avanti, We Were Soldiers, Lawrence of Arabia, Tora! Tora! Tora!, The Dirty Dozen


I live my life without regrets and appreciate everything that I have. I’m thankful for the people in my life like my family and Jen Kedwell. I’m also thankful that I own my dream home!
People who know me will tell you that I’m the most honest person you’ll ever meet and that I’m loyal, smart, positive and generous.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me doing a whole bunch of things! I’ll be playing hockey or golf, riding my bike, travelling with Jen or just working around the house or in my workshop. I also spend my leisure time reading, enjoying my dogs and spending time with my family.

I’ll never make a promise that I won’t keep and people who come to me interested in buying a Honda should know that I won’t put any pressure on you to buy. I’ll just show you how safe, reliable and great looking our cars are, because that is what’s important to me in a vehicle.