Devin Kaulback | Subaru of Niagara | Sales Manager

Devin Kaulback

Sales Manager
Subaru of Niagara

905-934-7829 (ext. 320)
Cell: 905-301-7826


Dealership: Subaru of Niagara

Family? Father (Richard), Wife (Jasmine), Dog (Morty)

Kids? None

Hobbies: Travelling, Golf, Hockey, Cars (obviously!)

Most Passionate About? I am passionate about making those around me happy and being successful in anything I do. My goal is to help contribute to the people around me and their overall success and help them achieve their own goals.

Three Things I Am Most Thankful For? My family and friends, good health, and the opportunities I have been presented with in my life.

Most Influential Person in My Life? My wife. She is the smartest person I know and has made me a better person. She’s taught me to always strive for success and she supports me in everything I do.

Four things my friends say about me are: Funny, happy, passionate, and caring

Best life skills: Listening, positive outlook & attitude, problem solver.

Most Important Qualities in a Vehicle? Most value for your money, safety, styling, resale value – which says a lot about quality!

Other than appearance, what is the first thing people notice about me: That I am always positive, happy & energetic, and that I always want the best for others.

How do I spend my leisure time typically? Watching “my” nightly TV shows, trying new restaurants in Niagara, spending time with family & friends, golfing, or working out.

Things I Can’t Live Without? Good health, chips and a BBQ, support from those around me, my wife, friends, and family.

The last book I read and enjoyed was: I wish I had more time to read!

Something only my best friends know about me: I am a neat freak – some would say to the point of OCD, but not at all! I just like when things are clean and organized. It just makes you feel better.

Additional information I’d like potential matches to know: I played Junior Hockey for 3 years. I attended Brock University and Niagara College. I grew up in the Oakville / Mississauga area, but have been living in Niagara for 8 years.

If I were to get a tattoo it would be: I’m not a big tattoo guy. I like them on other people, but don’t want to get something I would regret down the road.

Favourite Food: Everything! I’m not picky at all!

Salty or Sweet: Salty – I’m not a big sweets person.

My most embarrassing moment: I was on a cruise with my parents when I was 6 or 7 years old and I was just learning how to whistle. During the nice formal dinner I let a super loud whistle go just as a good looking girl was walking by. Everyone stopped to look at me and see who was whistling at her!

Bucket list travel location: Europe

Astrological Sign: Cancer – but I don’t follow this stuff too much!

My lucky number and its significance: 7 – It rhymes with my name and it’s the same number Tim Horton wore. I wore that number playing hockey as well! (77, too!)

iPhone or Android? iPhone – I’ve never had an Android and everyone at Subaru of Niagara went right back to iPhone after trying out the latest Android.

Famous Person I most identify with: P. Diddy – He’s successful, has a positive attitude & outlook, is motivated, driven and business minded.

Favourite TV Shows: The Voice, Gang Related (awesome new show!), Masterchef

Favourite Movies: any older Tom Cruise movies – Cocktail, Top Gun, Days of Thunder. Also, Rounders, Hook, Carlito’s Way- Too many to name!

About Devin

I grew up in the Oakville / Mississauga area – (my family home is still in Mississauga), but have been living in the Niagara Region for 8 years, including the time I spent attending Brock University & Niagara College. I’m athletic, having played Junior Hockey for 3 years and I try to golf and workout as much a possible! I always try to be positive and happy and my friends say I’m a fun guy to be around, though they might also describe me as a bit of a neat freak; I just think it’s better when things are clean and organized – it’s not hard to do -ha! I’m a passionate guy that always wants the best for others, contributing to those around me in any way I can to help them reach their goals. I want to be happy and successful in anything I do and always try to be the best person I can every day.

The most influential person in my life is my wife, Jasmine. She is the smartest person I know and has made me a better person, pushing me to strive for success. Also, I would have to say my Father, Richard, as he has always wanted the best for me and has always been there to help me no matter what I needed! He gave me all of the opportunities I needed to grow as a person and be successful!

My lucky number is 7 – it was my hockey number for years so I have stuck with it since day one.

The famous person I most identify with is P. Diddy/ Puff Daddy – he’s a successful business man with a positive outlook and attitude – just like me!


  • I have purchased and/or leased many vehicles and I can honestly say that my recent lease of a 2014 Forester from Subaru of Niagara was by far the easiest and most pleasurable transaction ever. Sales Manager Devin Kaulback and Financial Services Manager Sean Hollowell were extremely courteous and helpful and the epitome of professionalism. Because of my very heavy travel schedule, they very conveniently arranged for me to pick up my new Forester at a location different from that of the dealership. Nonetheless, nothing was overlooked in the delivery process, with a thorough review of all of the features and benefits of the vehicle. It is obvious that the dealership not only truly values my patronage but also me as a person, which is a rarity in todays' retail landscape. I would highly recommend Subaru of Niagara as the place to purchase a new Subaru or a used vehicle; and I compliment the owner, Alex Digenis, on fostering such a high level of customer service from the entire team at the dealership.
    Christopher Bolger