Deb Billingsley | Henley Honda | Sales Administrator

Deb Billingsley

Sales Administrator

Henley Honda

905-934-3379 (ext. 239)



Dealership: Henley Honda

Family: Mom & 3 younger sisters

Kids: Son, 30. Daughter, 26.

Hobbies: Reality TV, family game night, any time with my Grandson.

Most Passionate About / Goals : As corny as it sounds, I just want to live life full of love, happiness and good health.

Three Things I am Most Thankful For: My children and Grandson. My family. My love.

Most Influential Person in My Life: My kids. Watching them grow up into happy, loving and genuine human beings.

Four things my friends say about me are: Genuine, great sense of humour, highly empathetic, amazing wardrobe of clothes and accessories!

Best Life Skills? Organized, very loyal and dependable, and I get along with everyone.

Most Important Qualities in a Vehicle? Safety, look, how my music will sound on it, cost.

Other than appearance, what is the first thing people notice about me? My collection of purses.

What is the one thing people don’t notice about me that I wish they would? The time and energy it takes to put together my looks each day. It doesn’t come easy!

How do I typically spend my leisure time: Watching reality TV. Spending time with my Grandson – although calling that “leisure” may be a stretch. I’m exhausted by the time he goes home!

The last book I read and enjoyed was: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

Something only my best friends know about me: You’d have to be my best friend to know that one!

Additional information I’d like potential matches to know: Deep down I lack confidence in myself.

If I were to get a tattoo, it would be: I have 5 already. Not sure if I want any more.

Favourite Food: My mummy’s stew.

Salty or Sweet: Both together – amazing!

My most embarrassing moment: Too many to tell you just one!

Bucket list travel location: Hawaii

Astrological Sign: Leo. Roar!!

My lucky number and its significance: Don’t have just one, but I tend to like 0809. My grandson’s birthday.

iPhone or Android? iPhone so that I can Facetime with my Grandson.

The famous person I most identify with: The Kardashians or Carrie Bradshaw.




My kids are the most influential people in my life. I love watching them grow into the happy, loving and genuine human beings they are today. And I typically spend my leisure time with my grandson, if you can call that “leisure time”. I’m usually exhausted by the time he goes home!


  • Amanda was terrific! The shuttle service was very helpful!
    Marie S.


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