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Benn Stephan

Sales & Leasing Consultant
Henley Honda




Dealership: Henley Honda

Family: Mom, step-mom, brother and little sister

Kids: None

Hobbies: Hockey, golf and video games.

Most Passionate About / Goals : I am passionate about sports, family and friends. My most important goal is to be the best that I can possibly be. I strive to improve and challenge myself daily.

Three Things I am Most Thankful For: I am thankful for my family because they made me the man I am today. My friends, because they highlight my qualities and bring out the best in me. I am also thankful for the opportunities I’ve had in my life and seeing what opportunities will continue to come my way.

Most Influential Person in My Life: My Papa. He influences me in every way. I strive to live up to the man he thinks I am and hold his opinions very dearly. Not too often will I make a decision before thinking how it will make Papa feel. If it wouldn’t be a good decision to him, I probably wouldn’t do it either.

Four things my friends say about me are: Competitive, dependable, insightful and athletic.

Best Life Skills? Strength, passion and honesty. There are many situations in life that these qualities have gotten me through and I’m sure will continue to.

Most Important Qualities in a Vehicle? Reliability and power. I like to know I’m going to be able to get where I’m going without a problem – and fast!

Other than appearance, what is the first thing people notice about me? My friendly attitude and straightforward thinking. I tend to be logical and people understand that right away.

How do I typically spend my leisure time: Either on the golf course, playing baseball, skating as hard as I can, or just relaxing with family and friends. However, if it is a Sunday from September to February, I will be locked in on my Fantasy Football team!

Things I can’t live without: Sports, music, Netflix, pizza and my friends and family.

The last book I read and enjoyed was: I have been randomly reading the Marvel “Civil War” comic series in preparation for the next movie. I have enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would!

Something only my best friends know about me: I’m self conscious about my height (5’6″ on a good day), and they of course pester me about it constantly.

Additional information I’d like potential matches to know: I am a joker. I love making people laugh, be clever and make any encounter one that people will enjoy.

If I were to get a tattoo, it would be: I have 4 already!

Favourite Food: Pizza! Never a bad choice in my books.

Salty or Sweet: Depends on the day, but probably a 60/40 split in favour of sweet.

My most embarrassing moment: One time I was hit in the head by an orange while walking to the high school cafeteria (by one of my best friends). It hurt, and everyone saw.

Bucket list travel location: Australia! Surfing, sharks, good beer and amazing accents!




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