Art Nelson | Henley Honda | Preowned Sales Consultant

Art Nelson

Pre-owned Sales Consultant
Henley Honda

905-934-3379 (ext. 247)
Cell: 905-980-0200


Dealership: Henley Honda

Family? Married for 35 years

Kids? 3 children – a son and twin daughter & son

Hobbies: Fishing, golfing and reading

Most Passionate About: Collecting vintage fishing equipment. I also live by the motto of “Keep some, donate lots.”

Three Things I Am Most Thankful For? Good health, great kids, and being born a Canadian!

Most Influential Person in My Life? My grandfather. He was a farmer, then a salesman. He always had time for me and explained why to all of my questions.

Four things my friends say about me are: Reliable, impatient, sensible, and dependable.

Best Life SkillsGreat listener and communicator, great negotiator, adaptable – I can roll with the punches!

Most Important Qualities in a Vehicle? Comfort and reliability. I used to value power, but now I value economy instead.

Other than appearance, what is the first thing people notice about me: That I am tall and I speak loudly.

What is the one thing that people don’t notice about me that I wish they would? I am in a hurry and they are in my way!

How do I spend my leisure time typically? Reading, antique shopping, doing handywork for friends and family, and in the summer, FISHING!

Things I Can’t Live Without? My dog (Molly), my grandson (Preston), my wife’s cooking, following world politics, and crosswords.

The last book I read and enjoyed was: I read a lot of classics – they’re free on my Kobo! I love the Sherlock Holmes series and anything by Oscar Wilde.

Something only my best friends know about me: I’m generous – I donate time and money to those in need.

Additional information I’d like potential matches to know: My wife says I’m allergic to lawn mowers & snow blowers.

If I were to get a tattoo it would be: I’d get anything to cover up a bad tatto on my left wrist. I got it in Buffalo when I was 15 years old!

Favourite Food: Italian, wings & pizza, hamburgers and anything else grilled.

Salty or Sweet: Sweet – I never add salt to anything.

My most embarrassing moment: I grew up without parents and having to explain a million times throughout public school was pretty embarrassing for me.

Bucket List Travel Location: Canada’s east coast! I’ve never made it to Newfoundland.

Astrological Sign: Pisces

My lucky number and its significance: 3 – A fortune teller told me that was my lucky number when I was a teenager.

iPhone or Android? Android – I liked the plan!

The famous person I most identify with: Tom Cochrane

Favourite Albums: I don’t have any favourites, but I like a lot of different music.

Favourite TV Shows: VikingsCounting Cars

Favourite Movies: Slingblade, Reindeer Games, anything with Gary Sinise, Out of the Furnace


I love fishing and collecting vintage fishing equipment. I also love going antique shopping. I couldn’t live without my dog, Molly, my grandson, Preston, my wife’s cooking and my crosswords. The most influential person in my life was my grandfather, he was a farmer then a salesman who always had time for me and explained why to all my questions. I try to live by the rule “keep some, donate lots;” I always try to give my time and money to friends in need. I would love to travel to the East Coast because I have yet to make it to Newfoundland.

My friends tell me I am reliable, impatient and sensible. My wife tells me that I am allergic to lawnmowers and snow blowers. Some of my best life skills are that I am a great listener and communicator, I am a great negotiator and I am adaptable (I can roll with the punches). I love to read on my Kobo; lots of classics, Sherlock Holmes and anything by Oscar Wilde. I love pizza and wings, italian food, hamburgers and anything grilled. My lucky number is 3 because a fortune teller told me so when I was a teen.