Christopher Bolger | Devin

I have purchased and/or leased many vehicles and I can honestly say that my recent lease of a 2014 Forester from Subaru of Niagara was by far the easiest and most pleasurable transaction ever. Sales Manager Devin Kaulback and Financial Services Manager Sean Hollowell were extremely courteous and helpful and the epitome of professionalism. Because of my very heavy travel schedule, they very conveniently arranged for me to pick up my new Forester at a location different from that of the dealership. Nonetheless, nothing was overlooked in the delivery process, with a thorough review of all of the features and benefits of the vehicle. It is obvious that the dealership not only truly values my patronage but also me as a person, which is a rarity in todays’ retail landscape. I would highly recommend Subaru of Niagara as the place to purchase a new Subaru or a used vehicle; and I compliment the owner, Alex Digenis, on fostering such a high level of customer service from the entire team at the dealership.